Get Involved

Educate pier visitors about responsible fishing practices and how to avoid accidental entanglements and hookings.  Take a few minutes to remove fishing line and abandoned tackle from our Piers.  Download Fisherman’s Quick Guide & Fishing Tips and view our page of Fishing Tips.

Volunteer: If you live in San Luis Obispo County, California contact Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) to learn how to become trained in seabird rescue or to become a transporter. PWC is currently in need of volunteers to help with the care of seabirds injured by hook and line injuries as well as outreach education in SLO county. Call (805) 543- WILD or email to find out how you can help.  You may also contact the Marine Mammal CenterInternational Bird Rescue,  and Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network to learn how you can get involved in those areas.

Report: If you believe someone is harassing or harming a marine animal, report the incident immediately to the CA Dept. of Fish and Game and the local authorities. Get a description of the person, pictures or video, license plate, time of day, and witness names and phone numbers. It is against the law to harm or harass marine animals. All seabirds are protected under state and federal law. Report immediately to local officials and California Department of Fish and Game CALtip at (888) 334-2258.

• Understand: Throwing plastic into the ocean and harassing or harming marine animals is against the law. All seabirds are protected under federal and state law. California sea otters are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Endangered Species Act and California state law. Killing them is illegal, and harassing them can carry fines.

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