Who We Are:

Pier Watch™ of the Central Coast, based in San Luis Obispo County, California, consists of volunteers from various backgrounds who are committed to improving the cleanliness and safety of our piers and preventing wildlife injuries. We collaborate with responsible fisherman, established rescue groups, and city and pier officials to achieve mutual goals.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to educate the public in hopes to reduce the number of injuries to marine wildlife directly caused by feeding, from improperly discarded fishing line and tackle, and from casting into where where birds are diving and feeding.

Our Work and Educational Signs:

We provide educational signs free of charge to pier officials for posting in and around popular fishing locations on piers. Signs include helpful fishing tips as well as local area information of who to call for rescue assistance if injured wildlife is encountered as well as other important phone numbers. We believe that providing the public with information through the presence of eductional signs and outreach is an inexpensive and effective means to achieve these goals.

Keeping our Piers and beaches free of dangerous debris, specifically abandoned fishing line, tackle, and plastics is aided through our volunteer pier cleanups, local residents, pier docents, concerned citizens, the local chapter of Surfrider and other groups that frequently remove debris from our beaches and piers. Every year, marine wildlife are injured or die as a result of improperly discarded fishing line and accidental hookings, and these issues degrade the quality of our marine environment and coastal community.

Port San Luis Harford Pier

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