Fishing Tips

Learn these important fishing tips and help educate!

• Never Feed Seabirds. Fish bones from filleted fish carcasses cause internal injury to birds (especially Pelicans) causing scratches and damage along the bird’s intestinal tract. Bones can puncture the stomach lining which then causes fluid to seep into the body cavity of the bird. This causes a severe infection called peritonitis. Once the infection starts, the bird will normally die.

• Feeding birds makes them dependent on humans. If you feed them, they might interfere when people are trying to fish. Some people unfortunately will consider them a nuisance and may try to harm birds. You can fish in peace if you do not feed birds. Birds are more likely to get injured from fishing line/hooks if they are around fishing activity.

• If you accidentally hook a bird, DO NOT simply CUT THE LINE. Reel the bird in slowly and gently, using a dip net if available. If on a pier, walk the line to shore and use a hoop net to scoop the bird. In San Luis Obispo County, call for rescue assistance at 805-543-WILD. If you cut the line, the bird will become entangled in the line and/or the hook can cause infection leading to death. View National Marine Fisheries Service for more detailed rescue tips and info.

• If you find abandoned fishing line, tackle, or plastic bags on the Pier or beach, pick them up and throw them away in the trash. Birds, dolphins, turtles, and fish get entangled in wads of fishing line and plastics causing injury and death.

• When fishing, throw away all unused fishing lines or hooks in the trash. It is best to recycle monofilament line. However, if you must deposit in the trash, cut it into small pieces before disposing.  Attempt to locate a monofilament line recycling container on your pier.

• Never throw pieces of plastic or let fishing line go into the ocean.

• Use barb-less hooks (which hold fish as well, but are easier to remove from the flesh of impaled birds).

• Never leave a fishing line unattended. You may accidentally catch a fish and a bird.

•Keep all bait and food covered and out of the reach of birds at all times.

• If you see someone leaving behind fishing line or tackle, kindly tell them why it is dangerous to leave it behind.

• Help educate. Most people are simply unaware of these types of dangers.

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